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On Air [20 Nov 2007|12:35pm]

On Air
Originally uploaded by blurredlights

with my current job, i get to take a lot of photos while working -- photos that aren't necessarily for work. this is one of them: the on-air light at the dj's booth of ls fm.

i liked the lighting, but taking the photo was a big challenge. i have shaky hands, so getting a good shot without much light and without a flash? it's very hard.

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The Cat [02 Nov 2007|06:31am]

The Cat
Originally uploaded by blurredlights

Okay, so maybe I got jealous of Myx's cat photos.

During our trip to Tagaytay, we met this overly friendly cat who kept looking at the camera like it was her shiny new toy. or his shiny new toy. i didn't really see if the cat was a he or a she. but moving past that, i thought it would be cute to take some photos of the cat. there were more than one.

anyway, i altered this to make the eyes clearer. oddly enough, the eyes were the only blurry part of the photo.

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friends only [16 Feb 2005|12:00am]
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